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Monthly Archives: June 2014


So we all know where Jed is, we know how she is feeling and that she is trapped inside the cave. I want to know what happens next.  You had time to think of your ideas today – now write them!  I want to see amazing VCOP.  The only rule is you can’t pinch my … Continue reading »

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Your amazing stories…

You did a fantastic job on Friday, well done.  Now you need to make your writing even better.  To do this you need to look back at your posts from last lesson, copy them into notes and edit them – this means make changes. Use the feedback to improve your work.  You must remember to … Continue reading »

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The suspense paragraph!

We have been thinking about how to build suspense in our writing.  What are some of the strategies that you could use?  Practice writing your own suspense paragraphs here on the blog. Maybe your family could help!  Let’s see if we can get people from all over the world looking at your writing. Suddenly, out … Continue reading »

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