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Monthly Archives: October 2014

5 Sentence Challenge Prompt 4#

The prompt this time is another picture. When you look at it, think about how things have changed. You might like to imagine what it would be like to go shopping in a place like this!

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TOP: In the trench…

LO: I can imagine, describe and explain the feelings of living in a war trench. Imagine you were one of these men.  How would you be feeling right now?  Think about the hot seating in yesterdays lesson. 10 merits for the best pair! When you have finished this work you can either look at your … Continue reading »

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100 Word Challenge Week#7

The prompt this week is still keeping with the senses.  It is: …I could not believe the smell… Do make sure you check your work before posting.  Sometimes they need a bit of a tweak.  Reading them out loud often helps to see where you need to make changes. Remember, 1 space between words and … Continue reading »

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100 Word Challenge Week#6

Cataract Cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens, is the number one cause of blindness in the world. Most of us think of it as something that just affects older people, but in a lot of developing countries it’s a huge problem for children too, and if it’s not caught in time sight loss … Continue reading »

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Making Poo!!!

We had an amazing time in Science today making a human digestive system. The children use bananas, crackers, water, a plastic bag, orange juice, and tights to replicate the human body. Take a look. Now that we have done this experiment what can you tell me about the human digestive system?

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5 Sentence Challenge Prompt 3#

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