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Describing the castle…

Posted by on June 15, 2015

Good morning Class 4.  Work in pairs to describe the castle using story language.  You have 20 minutes!

10 Responses to Describing the castle…

  1. Jacob&Daniel

    One dark night a castle appeared after midnight ,the castle was not llike any other castles because it never got destroyed. But other castles were often destroyed and after the castle was destroyed they rebuild it so in the future other people could see what the other people made. The castle had something else inside that castle was a dragon egg in a dungeon that never hatched hundreds and hundreds of years.

  2. Codey & Kobe

    When we went to skipton there was a giant castle and it was very mouldy. Also it hade slightly big crosses in the walls where the archers stood. Another thing that we saw at skipton castle was a dark ,gloomy dungeon but it smelt like they have been leaving things to rot. The giant castle had big gaps in the wall and it had a magical tree were you could make a wish. Also there was a toilet but it was just a hole in the stones.

  3. Kacper Mason

    The castle had lots of agent walls to protect it self from attackers. Also when you go down deeper you will start seeing a gloomy place that’s was the were they crept the prisoners and it was the dungeon . The dungeon walls,were very dusty so the prisoners clothes were getting dusty to.on the inside it is a bit gloomy and narrow corridors.

  4. Daria and Bartus

    Once I scurried through the mysterious castle! It was dark and creepy inside and outside it was light.
    When I tiptoed in,it was freezing because that castle was standing there without heating nearly 10000 years!
    Even though they had wind breezing into the castle. The kitchen was a warm place and the men who worked there were lucky
    Because the rest of the castle didn’t have fireplaces!! When you did something really bad you go to a creepy dungeon. All the time they had a pitch black room to sleep in and it was freezing,as well as they were sleeping on the rotten and dirty floor!!! But they were chained to the wall as well.

  5. Adrian & Julia

    The enormous castle stood out in the middle of the grassy fields. It was like the castle was twenty times bigger than a human. The castle was rough and eerie because the masons worked hard to make it tall and strong. The castle had multiple rooms that had big or small space. The smelly toilets were unique,they had holes in the rooms so that the people could sit on them and have a smelly poo or wee. The slits outside the castle seemed to be narrow on the outside but it had more space inside. They had this so that the could shoot more accurately on the inside but miss on the outside. Most castles had squared towers but some had cylinder towers.

  6. Megan & Liam

    Skipton castle had a freezing corridor which led to the haunted dungeon down beneath. The most important room was the sleeping chamber because that’s were the Lord and Lady slept. The slaves had to sleep on the wooden tables or if there was no room they would sleep on the cold floor. The walls were rocky and had archer slots that archers could use to defend there castle. Prisoners had to stay in the spooky dungeon and if they did something very bad they would go underneath the dungeon and they would be forgotten about.

  7. Brandon&Aidan

    The castle looked so mystiers I can compair to a dark,gloomy tower I can even describe it in that time.
    The castle looked very tall on the outside and even bigger on the inside of the castle.
    The gigantic castle was very interesting inside the castle and in the rooms.
    The castle was very tall inside and outside for all the rooms like the ladies room and the kitchen.
    The castle looked amazing and historical on the inside and amazing on the out side.

  8. Regine

    The castle is realy old and it is also tall the castle does not shine it is just dusty.The castle is rusty from the bottom to the top and is dirty and dusty because of how many years it has been stood ther for the castle is old but in the inside it is lovely but not so lovely but I still like it.Although the inside of the castle is a bit lovely the inside is more better then the outside.But I liked the inside and the inside but mostly the inside.

  9. Reuben & Hannah

    Scipton castle is very large, it has pointy edges and an enormous drawbridge. Scipton castle is as wide as a whale, it is also like a giant because it is so tall. It has arrow slits that use to be for the archer to shoot his arrows. The toilet let is very odd,there’s a hole in it and peoples poo or wee drops down the hole. Their is a dint in the floor where all of the people use to run on when they went in to battle.

  10. Ryan&Habiba

    Skipton castle is a very fancy place , famous because it was the oldest castle and it never broke down. The castle is most popular castle in England. Castles had crosses so the archers can shoot and hide . The castles had holes so they can wee and poo and it would go to in to the dirty water.

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