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Write your scary paragraph!!!!

Posted by on June 19, 2015

Short sentences to create tension and make the heart beat quickly

Balance short and long sentences

Don’t reveal what makes the noise – keep the reader wondering

Pick out unusual detail to create atmosphere

Mention the darkness or cold

Have the main character ask a question or think aloud e.g. “What was that?” hissed Sam.

Describe the characters reactions to show how they feel e.g. his hands gripped the bannister till his knuckles turned white.

23 Responses to Write your scary paragraph!!!!

  1. Emmanuel&Sophie

    On a cold and misty night James slowly creeped into a deep dark Dungeon , he was felling that someone was watching him in the scary shadows. A gust of wind came from the window. He slowly crept back and closed the door. As he went further up the stairs he saw paintings of people but looked alive. Suddenly he heard a ghost noise coming from above , he was feeling nervous but he chose to go anyways. As he went up the stairs it got louder and more scarier and felt he wanted to retreat. James held the banister tightly. It was the horrifying moment of his life! When he eventually got the the last floor their was cobwebs everywhere and ghost slime. When he opened the door someone pounced on him and stared at him with a terrifying haunt!

  2. Megan & Liam

    One winters night, a girl called Edith was strolling across the slippery path. There were lots of trees surrounding her as she quickly walked past. Suddenly, Edith stumbled down the ice cold hill towards a pitch black cave. Edith stopped, feeling dizzy. She didn’t know where she was. When she stood up, some prickly doors shut, trapping her in the cobble stone cave. She was scared and confused. After a while, a evil looking man came in with a bright green injection. He looked very suspicious. Edith was just lying on the snow in the dark cave. The man was looking around, making sure nobody was watching him. So he unlocked the doors and squirted the lime injection. To be continued…

  3. Reuben & Hannah-S

    As Hunter strolled past a creepy looking door he realised it was a door to a castle. It wasn’t just an ordinary castle somehow it was haunted but Hunter didn’t know. He wanted to go in,so he pushed the door open and it made one of those creaking sounds! Kacy followed sneakily behind him. When they were both in the eerie castle Hunter saw a shadow fly past him! Then he heard some footprints getting louder behind him.”What was that!” screeched Hunter. “It’s just me Hunter, don’t be a scaredy cat,”shouted Kacy. After that the door slammed shut as if someone was there! “Oh no now I’m a scaredy cat,” cried Kacy. They were so frightened they ran straight through corridor and into a courtyard with lighting booming onto the graves! In the middle of the courtyard they saw a massive,dead tree with thick,red blood dripping from the branches. Suddenly Kacy’s face turned as pale as a ghost!

  4. Kyleanduzair

    One gloomy night there were a girl called Scarlet who got scared.She got that scared she screamed her echo went all the way around the castle. Scarlet heard a crucked noise she wondered what it was.It was floorboards you could tell that someone was in there scarlet seen a eye ball she stepped in the room there was a person with a baller cleaver ,armor ,sword ,nife and a boron arrow.the man gripped scarlet and she screamed and yelled for help!

  5. Codey and Kobe

    One gloomy evening Alesha and Michael were walking through the woods. Then suddenly a castle appeared right in front of there crystal blue eyes. After that Michael and Alesha stepped into the garden and walked towards the castle doors.
    Soon as they walked through the castle door , they saw a swirly stair case in the distance so they wanted to go up them. After that they heard a wooden door creaking but when they turned around they just saw bloody hand prints around the door and it was saying BEWARE!

  6. Adrian and Julia

    One night a girl called Amber was shivering in her bed. She crawled out of bed and ran out into the breezy, dark street. As she sneaked along the path she noticed a shadow creeping across the lamp post. She followed the shadow that lead to a humongous and eerie castle. “Wow,” Amber hissed. She looked at the arch way and looked inside it. Their was a large chain from left to right. Suddenly, she heard a stick snap. As Amber followed the sound she noticed the draw bridge open. It made lots of creaking and snapping. She looked at the other side but no one was their. So Amber came closer to the draw bridge. Suddenly, somebody tapped her on the back! She looked behind her but all she saw was the drawbridge closed! Her hands started shaking her heart started to beat faster than ever. She was breathing like she ran 100 miles. “Anyone there?”Amber shouted,as she looked cautiously around the castle. Amber went closer to the castle but she stopped and she saw a random eye. She felt like she was being watched from inside the castle so she took a closer look. She hurried to the kitchen and looked at a fire place but by the time she turned around a fire was already lit!

  7. Daria and Bartus

    One spooky night, there was this boy called Liam that discovered a dark castle. He went inside,a floor board creaked and his heart began to beat fast! Suddenly! Liam heard a loud Shriek whilst a hand full of blood fell from the dull shadow. A shadow as fast as lightning sprinted past Liam. Liam’s face started to go rose pink and his bones started to creak and crack. He shivered not because it was cold but because he was scared, he went down the dark dungeon. When he went into the dungeon the light turned of,he was wondering why that happened and who did it? He touched something smooth he found a flint and steel, he scraped it and set a fire and he saw lots of dead bodies and skeletons ,one blinked at him.

  8. Jacob& Daniel

    One spooky night the Max and Mike was starting to go in the wonky stairs. Before very long they heard a spooky noise that terrified them. They saw body’s , while creeping up the crooked stairs.After a while they found a normal wooden door in front of them. After opening the door the looked around them trying to find what could be in the area there was in. Suddenly the door slowly closed. They saw eyes from every corner. Mike and Max was so scared that they hugged each other trying to forget
    what happened. But they didn’t forget it instead they heard a spooky sound.

  9. Blanche & Hannah & Brandon

    One dark evening the clouds were grey and the lightening struck past the window. Leah and Karen were left in the house alone. They were stuffed in the corner of the living room. Both of them were terrified. They could hear rattling coming from up stairs. Suddenly the Russian dolls rolled down the stairs. They both stopped and waited … BANG! The boxes had of the shelf. Leah and Karen were shaking and they were never frightened of dolls with red eyes but this time they were since they had there first doll.

  10. Kacper & mason

    Mason & kacper

    As the little boy aproched into a enormous castle. After a few minuets a screeching noise began, the boy turned around with fear. Then he carried on walking, suddenly the door slams shut he shouted help as loud as he could but no one heard him. He saw a dead rat in the middle of the door way and screamed. He went up the stairs to hide and he saw another boy standing in the corner of the dungeon and tried to help him escape. Suddenly the light turned of and the boy wasn’t there,all of the sudden the boy were all ready on the top of the stairs and shut the door on me.

  11. Zoe and lily Rose

    Lily-rose& Zoe

    As the little girl walked through the spooky castle on the Woden floor ,the floor creaked. Lister slowly walked past a brown scratched door as she went past something scary!!! all of a sudden she heard a loud bang! Coming from the mystery brown door. So, as she skidded across the corridor she saw a odd shaped hand . She felt like she was going to die as she was running through the out side castle and when she was their the trees leaves all fell of and felt a chill in her spien.

  12. Codey and Kobe

    Wow Sophie and Emmanuel yours is amazing Kobe couldn’t listen to what I was saying he was so scared.

  13. Adrian and Julia

    It is great and lovely Emmanuel and Sophie

    *great adjectives
    *horrifying verbs
    *scary paragraph
    W:next time try to build up more tension
    But great and scary paragraph

  14. Jerman and jack

    Charl creep into a gloomy house and saw a shadow and the florbord move.

  15. Emmanuel&Sophie

    *good adjectives
    *brilliant story language
    *Amazing describing the setting
    W:Try to use punctuation

  16. Ryan&Habiba

    One stormy night a girl called Scarla her friend was always being mean to her because her friend was following Scarla and then her friend Sarah spat in her face suddenly Scarla got lost and Sarah disappeared. Scarla wiped the spit with her tissue paper and realised that she was next to an old wooden door and then it opened so she tip toed inside she turned around the quickly shut. After that she found her self trapped then she saw a shadow moving and a man had pointy horns , sharp claw and she saw a scharthed wall she was super scared she tried to open the door but it was locked and shut tiet.

  17. Zoe and lily Rose

    I liked the way you used your adjectives in your sentence.
    I loved your conceives.
    I liked the you used the other openers in your sentence.

    W:I wish you described more about you character

  18. Reuben & Hannah-S

    Good adverbs.
    Great scary adjectives.
    Some great openers.

    W:Try and use speech next time.

  19. Megan & Liam

    I liked the word gust. *
    I also liked it because it made me feel like I was in the story*
    I liked it because it made me picture your story in my head.*

    W: Try to use more punctuation, adverbs and verbs.
    Well done Sophie and Emmanuel

  20. Kyleanduzair

    I thought that was really scary well done!

  21. Kacper & mason

    We liked that you described the man and made it interesting.
    We liked that you used lots of mystery in it
    Well done

  22. Zoe and lily Rose

    I liked how you disribbed charl

  23. Blanche & Hannah & Brandon

    Very good description well done next time try to not to use your scary parts strait away.

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