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Tell us all about your favourite book!!

Posted by on September 23, 2015

Class 4 and your parents, we want to know all about your favourite book. It can be a book you have read yourself or a book someone else has read to you.

What is your favourite book and why is it your favourite?

15 Responses to Tell us all about your favourite book!!

  1. Dwain

    My fav rate book was the stick man because I read it in class 2 and 3

  2. Justin

    I Love Reading Beast Quest Books! They Are Full Of Adjectives And They Are Very Interesting !

  3. William

    My best book is the twits because it is funny when they get stuck up side down

  4. Amelia

    I like science because we always do fun things like the digestive system.

  5. Amelia

    I like English to because sometimes we do games

  6. celine

    My best book is cooking in Egypt because it has good food in it!!!!!!!

  7. celine

    I also like to read project x books because they are interesting.

  8. abigail

    My favourite book is the diary of a wimpy kid books(especially dog days)because it is very interesting.
    I also love the project X books because it’s about whats going on in space (fiction space)

  9. Ramone

    Project X Alien adventures are fascinating , so thats why I like them.

  10. Ramone

    I also like stickman because it rhymes.

  11. Harvey

    I like project X books because it has cool adventures on it!!!!

  12. Ramone

    I made my own project x alien adventures books!*

  13. Ramone

    I like beast quest books very much especially books 23,37,41,54,65,76,77,79,83,84,85 and 86!

  14. Ramone

    I like the 1st , the 13th , the 15th and the 17th beast quest special books!

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