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Welcome to the new Class 4!!

Posted by on September 23, 2015

IMG_0137IMG_0135IMG_0535Welcome to Class 4 everyone! It’s great to start a new year and meet all the new children in class 4. We hope you have enjoyed Class 4 so far and I know we will learn much, much more in the coming year and of course have some fun too.

What have you enjoyed the most so far? Are you enjoying swimming? What might you be looking forward to in Class 4?

26 Responses to Welcome to the new Class 4!!

  1. Harvey

    i liked the swimming because I get to kick on my back

  2. Harvey

    I also liked topic because I get to learn about king Tutankhamen

  3. Celine

    I like P.E because I am good at at bating the tennis ball.

  4. Wiktoria

    I liked it

  5. Wiktoria

    I liked that lesen

  6. celine

    I also liked it when we did that teeth school play because we did a funny dance!!!!

  7. celine

    In big writing we wrote about a character in Egypt and we also learnt about verbs and adverbs.
    Thank you Miss Esposito and Mr Corker!

  8. celine

    By the way Miss Esposito did amazing job by making this new year 4 blog .

  9. celine

    In topic we have been learning about the 2ed king of Egypt ,he is called Tutankarmen .
    He ruled Egypt when he was 9 and he was the youngest king of Egypt.
    He died when he was just 19 so that wold be 10 years since he ruled.

    fun fact:Egyptians thought the heart was the most in portant thing in the whole body so then a Egyptians had to pull the brain out of the Pharo’s noes!!!

  10. abigail

    In big writing we wrote a story in the Egyption times and me Daisy and Renzo got star writer!

    My story was about a princess which had a perfect family but then someone comes in and ttys to steel kings crow!(so exciting learning about the Egyption times)

  11. abigail

    I love big writing because its the only time when we can do very long writing and perfections to make a story or a report or even a documentary paper!

    P.S it is a good time to mention that i also love science because its very fun and we get to do fun experiments!

  12. Db Justin

    Wow I Loove swimming

  13. abigail

    Swimming is very nice

    Thank you staff and swimming teachers for making this possible

  14. celine

    Swimming is really fun because the teacher is serious but also funny.
    It helps us build us confidence in swimming and teaching us to be safe.
    I also like tennis in P.E

  15. Franchesca

    I like swimming because I can kick my legs in the pool.

  16. Ramone

    I enjoy swimming.

  17. Ramone

    My favourite lesson is topic although I like R.E and maths aswell.

  18. Ramone

    I’m wondering what the teachers are going to teach us next?

  19. Ramone

    I like school very much!☆

  20. Ramone

    I like class 4 because it’s got country flags and capital cities on the back window!★

  21. Ramone

    I like reading alot of intersting and fascinating books .★☆

  22. Ramone

    P.E is good because you get to exercise alot , although your body should rest aswell.

  23. Ramone

    Mrs Esposito and Mr Corker are the best teachers I’ve had!

  24. Ramone

    Maths is incredible , I like doing sums.For example:55×16 =880.

  25. celine

    My favorite lessons are maths and science because sometimes in science we have fun experiments and in maths we do incredible problem solving like trial and error!!!

  26. celine

    in class 4 we learn lots of amazing things like in English we are learning about compound and complex sentences!!!

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