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The Digestive System

Posted by on October 8, 2015

Class 4 had an awful lot of fun making a model digestive system in science!

IMG_0612 IMG_0621 IMG_0619 IMG_0618 IMG_0620

28 Responses to The Digestive System

  1. Liam at home

    Good job on making the digestive system!

  2. Db Justin

    I Loved Making The Digestive System And It Was So Fun!

  3. Db Justin

    It Was A Really Interesting Thing To Do!

  4. Dwain

    I loved it when I put in the Bananas!

  5. Ramone

    The food that you eat goes through the mouth then to the Oesophagus . After that it goes into your stomach and finally it goes to your intestines.

  6. William

    Nice work

  7. Dwain

    The digestive system was very intresting

  8. William

    Lovely work by miss Esposito and mr corker

    • Miss Esposito

      Thank you William! But I think you and your class did all the work making the digestive system.

  9. Dwain

    It’s disgusting but awesome in the same way.

  10. Renzo

    I like it when I put and smash the banana!

  11. Ramone

    The food that goes into your mouth then goes to your Oesophagus .After that it goes into your stomach and finally the food goes to the small intestine and your large intestine.

  12. Krystian

    “This work is well fun”!

  13. Temi

    first the food goes into the mouth then oesophagus finally it gets out.

  14. Krystian

    Your the best teacher ever.

  15. Daisy

    In science we have been learning about how your food passes through your body which is called the digestive system.first it appears in your mouth which the mouth then chews up.Then goes down to the oesophagus and goes in the tummy.When it goes through the tummy it has special acids which makes the fodd even smaller. It then passes through the wiggly intestines.finally it comes out in the toilet .by Abigail and Daisy

  16. Jaydn

    Mr corker is the best teacher ever in school also he does awesome work and education

  17. harvey

    The experiment was disgusting!!

  18. celine

    It was very smelly and funny at the same time!

  19. celine

    This digestive system helped us to work together and co-operate and have fun while we work.

  20. celine

    In science we have been learning about the digestive system.
    First you eat something like a banana.Then your teeth grinds all the food that you put into your mouth.
    Then all the food you swallowed goes into the oesophagus with the vitamin in small tiny pieces .
    After that it will land into your tummy softly.
    Then when you need a poo the small pieces of banana will go through you large intestines because now you tummy says that it does not want it any more.
    If you take a soda and you drink it ,the soda will go down your small intestines into the toilet.

  21. abigail

    The digestive system is more interesting than i expected and certainly more adventurous

    Thank you Miss Espasito and Mr Corker for making these fun experiments and making our work even more understandable because its very complicated at first

  22. abigail

    please make more expressive experiments for all of us because I think all the children including me likes how the digestive system works and how it works representing different symbols for whats in your body

  23. Db Justin

    When Are You Putting On Some More Interesting Posts?

  24. celine

    It was an amazing experience!!!!

  25. celine

    This lesson was very interesting.
    I wonder what lesson we will be doing next?!

  26. Harvey

    The sock part was very disgusting!!

  27. Kaitlingallagher

    It was brilliant

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