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Holiday Diary

Posted by on October 23, 2015

Over the holidays Mr Corker and I would like to hear all about where you go and what you do. Share with us some of the fun things you will be doing or have already done in the half-term holiday.

So just post a comment on here and tell us what you’ve been doing.

We hope you have a happy and safe week off.

16 Responses to Holiday Diary

  1. celine

    In the holidays i will be doing some joint up writing and i will be going trick or treating with my friends.I will might play some games with my friends.I am very excited because maby in English we might be learning a new story but the setting is still Egypt.

  2. Ramone

    In the holidays I went to the cinema to watch Peter Pan. Then I went to the park on the next day. After that I made some books.Next on Tuesday I went to tropical world and there were fish, snakes , lizards, tortoises , crocodiles and butterflies.I even got to touch a brown salamander which was in the water.

  3. Harvey

    In the holidays im gonna play my kindle.I might go trick or treating in my house.In my kindle im gonna play minecraft,terraria and tapped out.I will go to birmingham to go to the brickshow.

  4. Db Justin

    Last Sunday from 10am to 5pm, I did a rehearsal for the wizard of oz. Then yesterday I went to my Godmothers house and had my favourite cinnamon roll. Then at 6pm today, we are going to my friends house for a party.Then for the rest of the day, I’m spending it at home with my family and playing my new game on my Xbox. At the end of the week, on my dads day off, we are planning to watch a movie and have a day out

  5. Abigail

    On Wednesday I went to a restaurant for breakfast with my family and it was delicious.After that we went to Leeds,then we went to a big shop.Later on we went to Toysarus to get play dough for my sisters homework and me and my brother got to split the yellow one,then we got home.I couldn’t go out that much because my mum is always working and my dad looks after us.Me and my brother also went to my friend Laura’s house and my brother played with her big brother.

  6. Abigail

    It was very fun at the nights my mum went to work and when my mum didn’t go to work!

  7. Franchesca

    Last Tuesday I went to pumpkin farm ,First I went to pick the pumpkin. After I picked it we carved it. Then I saw some plastic cages with a snake, a lizard and a turtle. I got a chance to hold and stroke the turtle. Then I had my face painted as a cat. It was very cold when they put the face paint on my face. Then I went to a restaurant to have my tea. I had so much fun. At the end of the week me and my brother will go trick or treat.

  8. Ramone

    In the afternoon , on Tuesday , I got a stingray toy . Then , on Wednesday , I watched an animal documentary . After that I watched another documentary about sea animals like eels ,on Thursday . Finally on Friday I went for a haircut .I don’t know what I’m going to do on Saturday.

  9. Vanessa

    In the holidays on satuday thirty first october I went trickatricking with my brother ,mum and friends. I got 67 sweets from halloween and my brother got 99 sweets.On Munday I was playing out side with my friend Kacey.On Tuesday I wachted tv and played out side and in side with Kacey again because I play with her evry day.On wednesday I went to town with my mum. On Thursday I played with Kacey in side and out side again.On Friday I slept at Kacey’s house and we had lots of fun.

  10. franchesca

    Last Tuesday I went to pumpkin farm. First I picked a pumpkin for Halloween. Then I carved the pumpkin with my dad. Then I saw in plastic cages a spider, a lizard and a turtle. I got to hold the turtle. Then I had my face paint as a cat. After that I went to a restaurant.

  11. William

    Over the holidays I have been to Town with My Big Sister Shauna. She picked me up from school and we went on the Bus. She bought me sweets. I have also been on a bike ride with my Dad and had a Train ride to see my Granny and Grandad.

  12. Dylan

    In the holidays I went pumpkin picking with my family and my dad got a double pumpkin and mine was really big too. On Wednesday me and my mum was making Christmas crackers for my advent calendar and I stapled my finger. On Saturday I went trick or treating with my cousins and aunties and I got lots of sweets even a chocolate Apple. I dressed up as beetle juice and he is from a film, my cousin was dressed up as his bride. On Sunday my auntie and cousin came to my house for tea.

  13. Rihanna

    Over the holidays I have been spending time with my family, going to the park , Drangon Den and spending a full day with my horse at my horse riding and also I went to visit my cousins!

  14. Miss Esposito

    Sounds like you enjoyed your week off Class 4. Thank you for taking time out in your week off to blog. You definitely deserve your 5 merits!

  15. Temi

    During the holidays I looked after my cousins Ellie who is 3 years old and baby William who is 1 year old. It was fun although Ellie was very bossy. I also took part in a football tournament in keighley, we won 3, drew 2 and lost 1.At the tournament I felt excited and proud that we won most of our matches. I also took part in a concert in Leeds with the Bradford Catholic boys choir. I felt nervous but after a while I was fine.

  16. wiktoria

    At the holidays i want to Poland when i was on the airplain i was a bit scerd .I was there 2 weeks i went to bed when i was at home in Poland in my gramars home.The next day i went to my cousin and we had a pijama party it was very good.

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