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Posted by on December 24, 2015

In January, Class 4 will begin their exciting new topic studying the Anglo-Saxons! What are you most looking forward to learning about in this topic?

Anglo-Saxon Warrior


20 Responses to Anglo-Saxons

  1. Abigail

    Im extremely excited to learn about this in topic!

  2. Vanessa

    I find Anglo saxons realy interesting.

  3. Rihanna

    I can’t wait until we learn about Anglo-Saxons in topic

  4. Ramone

    I am really happy that we are learning about anglo-saxons!

  5. Rihanna

    I can’t wait until we learn about the Anglo-Saxons!

  6. Harvey

    I am excited to learn more about history

  7. JethroMamaradlo

    I really can’t wait to learn more about the Anglo Saxons !

  8. Ramone

    I liked when we did a role play of anglo-saxons and britons on 6.1.16

  9. Vanessa

    I realy cant wait intil we learn more about Anglo Saxons!

  10. brajans

    i hope its cool

  11. Abigail

    I am excited to make villages out of cereal boxes!

  12. wiktoria

    i cant wait until we will make the anglo saxens villages

  13. celine

    The Angelo Saxsons village is turning out fantastic!!!

    • mrcorker

      I agree Celine! We have spent two lovely afternoons making our Anglo-Saxon settlements.

  14. Daisy renshaw

    Anglo Saxons are really interesting and our Anglo Saxon villages are really good

  15. celine

    I love learning about Anglo Saxons because we get to do fun experements!!!

  16. Christabel

    it was very interesting and I learnt new things

  17. wiktoria

    i lerent lots of things

  18. shania

    I love Anglo Saxons

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