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Christmas fun!

Posted by on December 24, 2015

Hello Class 4 and a very Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you are enjoying your time off. In our final week of term, Class 4 had lots of fun…not only did we perform our Christmas Nativity but we made lots of things in class, including Christmas cards, wreaths, hats for our Christmas dinner, a Christingle on the final afternoon and of course our marshmallow snowmen!
What was your favourite part of the final week of term and why?


14 Responses to Christmas fun!

  1. Ramone

    I liked making a marshmallow snowman because it was fun!

  2. Rihanna

    Yum yum.i’m so happy that we made marshmallow snowmen 🙂

  3. JethroMamaradlo

    I liked the part when we built it because everyone made it and they look so cute!

  4. Rihanna

    making marshmallow snowmen was fun 🙂

  5. brajans

    I want to do it again MR Corcker

  6. Abigail

    Its hard trying to make a snowman but it was very fun

  7. wiktoria

    It was very fun when we made them

  8. celine

    amazing jobs you guys those snow man’s look delicious!!!

  9. celine

    I hope they tasted amazing guys!!!

  10. Ramone

    It was quite hard to make a marshmallow snowman but it was tasty!

  11. Christabel

    I wish we could do it again

  12. imogen

    it was fun

  13. Kaitlingallagher

    It was fantastic

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