In January, Class 4 will begin their exciting new topic studying the Anglo-Saxons! What are you most looking forward to learning about in this topic?

Anglo-Saxon Warrior


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Christmas fun!

Hello Class 4 and a very Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you are enjoying your time off. In our final week of term, Class 4 had lots of fun…not only did we perform our Christmas Nativity but we made lots of things in class, including Christmas cards, wreaths, hats for our Christmas dinner, a Christingle on the final afternoon and of course our marshmallow snowmen!
What was your favourite part of the final week of term and why?


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Take One Picture

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Ancient Egyptian Facts

Good news-you will be continuing to learn all about ancient Egypt after the holidays. Comment on this post to share some facts you have already learnt at school or perhaps you have found out some interesting information about Ancient Egypt at home.

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Holiday Diary

Over the holidays Mr Corker and I would like to hear all about where you go and what you do. Share with us some of the fun things you will be doing or have already done in the half-term holiday.

So just post a comment on here and tell us what you’ve been doing.

We hope you have a happy and safe week off.

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The Digestive System

Class 4 had an awful lot of fun making a model digestive system in science!

IMG_0612 IMG_0621 IMG_0619 IMG_0618 IMG_0620

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Welcome to the new Class 4!!

IMG_0137IMG_0135IMG_0535Welcome to Class 4 everyone! It’s great to start a new year and meet all the new children in class 4. We hope you have enjoyed Class 4 so far and I know we will learn much, much more in the coming year and of course have some fun too.

What have you enjoyed the most so far? Are you enjoying swimming? What might you be looking forward to in Class 4?

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Tell us all about your favourite book!!

Class 4 and your parents, we want to know all about your favourite book. It can be a book you have read yourself or a book someone else has read to you.

What is your favourite book and why is it your favourite?

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Write your scary paragraph!!!!

Short sentences to create tension and make the heart beat quickly

Balance short and long sentences

Don’t reveal what makes the noise – keep the reader wondering

Pick out unusual detail to create atmosphere

Mention the darkness or cold

Have the main character ask a question or think aloud e.g. “What was that?” hissed Sam.

Describe the characters reactions to show how they feel e.g. his hands gripped the bannister till his knuckles turned white.

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Describing the castle…

Good morning Class 4.  Work in pairs to describe the castle using story language.  You have 20 minutes!

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