Skipton Castle

So Class 4, what did you enjoy the most about the trip?  100_2895 100_2897 100_2906 100_2927 100_2932 100_2934 100_2935 100_2937 100_2940 100_2941 100_2947 100_2961 100_2966 100_2971 100_2972 100_2973 100_2983 100_2984 100_2987 100_2995 100_2996 100_3001 100_3011

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100 Word Challenge Week#19

This week you need to write a story to go with this picture.  We will be discuss what you need to include as a class but as usual I am expecting to see;



Interesting adjectives/adverbs

Use the pyramids in class to help you include things from your level.

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100 Word Challenge Week #18



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100 Word Challenge Week#17

…the light was SO bright…

Think about our amazing time at the pantomime on Friday.  We saw lots of bright magical lights flashing across the stage.  What could this light be in the picture above?  Is it a magical spell?  An alien landing on earth?  Surprise me with your imagination this week and write a super story.  I will be checking as you work!

I need to see:

 Super punctuation (including the correct spacing and CLs)

Connectives from your level.

Adjectives to describe the setting.

No silly mistakes where you haven’t checked your work!

As always we will pick the winner.  This week we will again be working in our English pairs.

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100 Word Challenge Week#16


… as he started they…

Think about the work you have done this week with Mr Corker.  Write a story using the words of the week and explain the feelings of the main characters.

I need to see:

 Super punctuation


Adjectives to describe feelings

As always we will pick a winner.  This week we will be working in our English pairs.

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100 Word Challenge Week#15


This is the last prompt for 2014! The next prompt will appear on January 4th. Thank you for all your support this year. Have a great holiday and see you next year!

For the last week we have 5 words. They must all go into your piece but can be in any order. They are:


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Cyber Bullying

Recently we have had some very unpleasant incidents of cyber bullying at home.  Take a look at these fantastic animations from the Digital Leaders and think about the message.

What are they trying to teach you?

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Friday 28th Homework


100 word challenge Week#13

…but as the leaves rustled…

Is your prompt for this week.

I think this would make a great spooky autumn story.  Use lots of adjectives.


Follow the link and have a go at the mental maths game.

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I am soooo proud of you.  You made the week #11 show case!

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Mummification Facts

Use connectives to share facts about mummification.  All the information that you need is in your English book and on your success step.

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