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16 Responses to St Matthew’s Website

  1. Zoe codey

    When I was at home I felt worried because my dad was leaving for the world war1. The next morning I watched him go down the road and onto the train. I felt down hearted as my dad left. We all felt miserable are hearts were empty. Two weeks later we got a letter saying somebody had shot him by accident .

  2. Mason

    Remember all the solders who have died in the war for us because their families.
    We love and miss them all. Not all people got killed some got injured.

  3. Regine&Ashton

    .Most Egptions where mummyfied so you could image how busy the embalmers where.
    .people said in Egypt they will live forever they needed to take something to there new life because they thought they would go to the after life.

  4. Regine&Ashton

    People who made mummy’s and unwrapped them and also put them in coffins they are called embalms.

  5. Aidan at home

    Just want to say how happy I am feeling today . KNOW WHY.I sang at saint josephs church this morning had to be there by 7:00 so I had to get up very early .It was live on the radio at 8:10 my mum and sister are very proud of me

  6. Lilly Jermain

    Lily & jermain

    Mason was getting bullied by Brandon and Julia was laughing because he kicked the ball and he did’t score and then he crying and Brandon was calling him names. So he told his mum and his mum is called Zoe. So she had a word with miss batalax and she said its ok a’ll have a word with him at dinner time play yes Mason yes

    Mason was playing tig and suddenly a ball came out of no we’re and hit him on the head so hard that he started to shout miss miss a ball has just hit me on the head and I have an head ace now what is getting worse please call my mummy now . Lily Rose Jermain

  7. Brandon and Zoe

    One starry night Mollie and Isaac were walking in the dark gloomy night as they walked in the narrow forest. The tall trees looked like they were going to pounce on Mollie and Isaac and they got a bit frightened because they saw a gigantic tree like it was going to jump strait onto you . As they walked they took one step and turned around and they saw enormous smelly monster! Mollie and Isaac ran as quickly as they could to the rusty old tree to stop for some breath. When they got there they were so sacred that if they herd a little crack they would jump up.

  8. Brandon

    What I liked the most was going in the dungeon because the man turned of the lights for 5. Seconds .
    Then we saw mason marks on the wall and the guid man said how many mason marks it took to make the brick .
    Then the seconds bit that I liked was sitting on the toilet and I liked going on the boat around the canal for one hour.
    I also liked going to the gift shop and I bought a archery set.
    When we when’t to the castle I liked going down the deep stairs.

  9. JethroMamaradlo

    My favourite book is Diary of the wimpy kid dog days .

    Once their was a boy who small and thin he loved playing video games and loved ice cream but most of all he loved horror movies .One day the boy was watching a horror movie on TV it was called the GrimReper . Last night he was dreaming about the Grimreper and he thought he was real .

    That day his mum teacher him a valuable lesson. She dressed up as the GrimReper and he was really scard
    Then he was okay cause his mum showed her self and told him It’s just your mum .That will teach you a valuable lesson!!!

  10. Jessica todd

    My favourite book is called “Ever after high once upon a time”.

    There was daughters and sons from fairy tales. They went deep in the woods and found a well called
    “The well of wonders” what leads into wonder land.

  11. JethroMamaradlo

    Howard Carter found the amazing and great full King Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922 (in between the 1st world war and the 2nd world war.The King Tutankhamun raigned Ancient Egypt when he was 9 years old but he got killed poor guy he should be treat more like a king than getting murdered?

    Ancient Egypt started since 4000bc-3500bc. The wheel was made in Ancient Egypt so I think this is how the round circled wheel stared . The tomb was in Egypt . The story started Howard was in a Long dark place until he saw a little hole so he sone his light though the hole and a lot of riches of golden statues of long ago animals he also spotted a golden mask on top of the coffin this was surprising nobody’s never had that many riches !?

  12. Jessica Todd

    The Ancient Egypt mummification took 70 days because for 40 days people watched the dead body.
    People thought that the heart was the most important part of the body, so they left it inside. The rest of the
    organs were taken and had been placed in a canopic jars. The jars had beautiful patterns and animal pictures. When people are done mummified.

  13. Jessica Todd

    When the mummification process was done, people placed pressures things next to the mummified body. (When people are done mummified- please ignore this sentence, sent by mistake).

  14. Renzo

    In my shcool holliday’s …I played on my gadgets for some fun .We also collected lots of wet and dry wood for our bonfire, every weekend.We went scooting for about a few days and went cycling too! ALSO WE WENT TO SEE A MOVIE CALLED
    “Pan” it was good and not bad,but before that we ate in piza hut for dinner.
    We also went to the National Media Museum in Bradford,for light fantastic activities!..! And lastly I gave 3 sweets to eaxh people in halloween,and saw Dwain,he was also singing th

  15. Renzo

    Dwain was aslo singing the banana bus song when he was doing trick or treating…

  16. Renzo

    Haward Carter found the amazing and great full King Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922(in beween
    the first world war and the 2nd war.) The King Tutankhamun reigned Ancient Egypt when he was
    nine years old,but he got killed when he was king,why would they murder a king?
    Ancient Egypt started since 4000bc-3500bc. The wheel was made in Acient Egypt so this is
    how the round circled wheel started. Tutankhamun’s tomb it is still here.

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